ABOUT Wellness by Choice U.S.

Wellness by Choice™ is an initiative(1) of Intelligent Netware, a digital media, marketing and web technology company launched a year before Google, in 1997.(2) (3)

'WBC' was co-founded by Angelina Musik(4) and Daniel Comp(5) in March of 2012 (6). It has headquarters in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area(7) and is building a corpus of trusted wellness experts across the largest privately owned web content syndication in the U.S. (8)

The mission of Wellness by Choice is to build trustworthy bridges between wellness minded individuals and authentic(9) and ethical(10) experts who provide insights, products and service which help us live smarter, healthier, happier and longer!

Our secondary mission is to reduce the impact of the incompetent and imposters who hurt and confuse on knowing whom to trust. We believe the best way to do this is to amplify the visibility and credibility of 'authentics' by empowering a network of CREDIBLE AVENGERS! (11) (12)


Onus Probandi (8)

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